God I Miss Your Music

At some point after college, I decided I HAD to marry a musician. I prayed, fasted, and waited.

I was hoping for some kind of amateur guitar playing, singing guy. What I got was anything but amateur.
But it’s funny how that first day we met up at Columbia, you came with your guitar and played a few songs on there singing softly in an empty classroom we found- not showing off at all. I remember thinking, “Well, he’s OK.” Then we found an empty piano room. You played a few worship songs. I sang. It felt perfect.
A shared love of music and creating brought us together- but over the years, it tore us apart in many ways.
And now, now that you’re gone, it seems no one will ever play like you did. I took it for granted after a while- your ability to play anything at any time for me or Audrey. Your rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb- Audrey’s favorite song, was actually amazing. You accompanying me anytime I needed to sing- at gigs, weddings, church- always behind me- always quietly supporting me and telling me afterwards – “I was really blessed.”
I remember when we first met, we’d go to a little coffee shop near my hometown and in the back they had an upright piano. We’d sit next to each other and you’d tell me to play one or two notes over and over again- then you’d play around me and make the most beautiful music. I wish I could transport myself back in time, and be sitting with you there right now. How lucky I was to be that girl.

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