Dragonfry- or Yong gui, in Korean, was the name of your favorite stuffed animal growing up.  He often interacted with a dog named Doopy.   I think there was also a story about how your mom got rid of it without your knowledge.

I don’t know why this just sprang to my mind tonight, but it has brought me to tears.  The fact that you were still always telling me about that stuffed animal since I met you just speaks so much of your tenderness and child-like heart.  Sometimes we’d see a stuffed animal in a store and you’d have to point out that Yong gui was similar to that animal.  You spoke of him like an old friend of yours…

Friday night.  Audrey’s in her crib asleep.  I am missing you very, very much.  I’m expecting two visitors tomorrow which is nice- one in the morning and another in the afternoon.  At times I’m starting to feel tired of the constant visits which is new…but at the same time, I can’t imagine what we would do without them.  The day would stretch out before me and I’d feel quite lost and overcome by it.

So for now- I am grateful for the company.

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