A Few Good Men

A friend told me yesterday about another widow who chose six men to specifically be a father figure for her daughters once her husband passed.

I like this idea, and will be thinking about it. I can not imagine being Audrey- growing up without a dad. She is going on a path I have never walked. Though I can never replace her father with a composite of other men, I want to do everything I can to support her and provide the guidance and love she needs. Dan would want that too. He would want that desperately.
So, I’ll be thinking about it- a few men who can buy her a present on Valentine’s Day- in the tradition Dan had started (her first- a green onesie that said “Happy” from Baby Gap, a stuffed dog he named Bluptz, and a book of Korean folk tales- one about an old man with a huge goiter who can sing really well- don’t ask; her second- a Hello Kitty book about all 50 states). Maybe they can come to her birthday parties and give her hugs, maybe help teach her to ride her first bike, and kick a soccer ball.

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